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  2. does evolution and creationism have to negate each other are they really exclusive to each other? creationism can simply be a accessory to evolution that is coming at any point in any evolution there is no need to negate one or the other. they can reside together at any time.
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    some NASA space stereo telescope captured this Ezekiel's wheel in space that's the size of a planet not far from earth
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    Grace is GODS LOVE! grace is accepting gifts of the spirit grace is miracles happening grace is faith
  6. it is not my hope to encourage people to use Kenah Bosum or cannabis rather to let Christians of every kind whom need to partake for medical purposes that it is surely not a sin.. that depending on who you ask cannabis is part of scripture just hidden a bit in mis interpret even if you partake for other reasons it in my estimate would never or rarely be classified a sin but that is between you and God not me i use on a regular basis to take away my back pain away and it does work for me.. that is not to say it will work for you in anyway
  7. Kenah bosum Thursday, March 26, 2020 8:56 AM Kenah bosum is not necessary for spiritual development The main most healthy way to spiritual growth is Meditation Prayer and meditation are the keys to achieving a spiritual connection Kenah bosum is not needed as usual Kenah bosum should and could be used for baptism That is not unlike baptism in water we have baptism by fire which can be done once and that is it. You are baptised by fire now. Kenah bosum also as the new wine is used in communion as with incense in the temple. It is the blood of Christ the k
  8. The wedding at cannabis Saturday, March 14, 2020 10:26 AM Jesus Made water turn to wine Yet he also baptised with FIRE and the Holy Ghost So we have water and Fire Fire and water Water into wine and fire into wine perhaps Where does it say this? We don’t get much of a clue as to what Jesus was burning We are not told We are told in a round about way Its said we have WINE and NEW wine That’s 2 very different wines I know they are different because NEW wine breaks the old wine containers Which were like leather skins at t
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    its my beilef that Jesus we have read in the bible is named OF a angel it says in luke 2:21 and when the eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child his name was called JESUS which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb. JESUS was named from a angel according to my bible scripture and this goes way back to 14th century whicliff bible anyways since JESUS was named of a angel does it not figure that he was before and will come again in such manner.. that is his second and perhaps third comming are that of Other born Jesus named of same sai
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    greetings from second earth welcome the concept a third earth exists with a Jesus whom has come again and is on his way from there being driven in a UFO and flown to earth from a other civilazation is possible i have a concept of 3 earths being possible with one being a very advanced god like angels exist in also in either of our 7 dimenstions
  11. it is more a spiritual journey not a intellectual exercise to partake in the cannabis
  12. KENAH BOSUM disclaimer cannabis can lower your memory which in turn reflects highly on your sense of intelligence that is to say it dumbs you down a bit here and there its a known problem i would suggest that you refrain from cannabis use until such time you need religious experience or wait till older of age to partake or at least partake with minimal usage and at rare times at any rate use responsibly at all times
  13. what was Jesus burning lets all consider this.. he baptized with FIRE what was he burning does no one want to consider this?
  14. if Jesus turned the WATER to WINE did he also perform a miracle of making NEW WINE out of FIRE?
  15. and FIRE is what Moses also baptise with i gather along with Water along with Jesus whom Baptise with FIRE and the Holy Ghost lets thank Jesus he comes in the CLOUDS remember this also one good grand interpret
  16. callamus and sweet cane are both Kenah Bosum and Kenah respectively in the bible we also should consider where Incense is used that a probable cannabis is often used as incense so could refer to that also cloud , incense, sweet cane, callamus search your bibles for these words and learn possible cannabis connections as well as new wine its my way of wanting to worship thinking that cannabis is the new wine after all it destroys new wine caskets FIRE?
  17. i just love thinking ONLY as the MAN OX LION and Eagle as ANGELS ONLY there fore we have the Trinity and 4 angels i mean they are Associates of the WHEELs the UFO or angels flying up in heavens think about that? so ok these are the ANGEL yet the ANGELS that are included in the original US and OUR in Genesis the US as gods is what they are thats gods with the small letter not God so this is or could be considered very pagan that we have angels representing gods or US and OUR in that they are the US and OUR we are related to this species of creation whic
  18. i would love to include all four as the holy spirit Man lion ox and eagle yet perhaps just the MAN is the holy spirit the rest it seems could be the beast yes the trinity and the beast or really the way i thought about this is the trinity and 4 angels yet more so its working out to be the trinity and the beast the beast being the OX LION and EAGLE hmmmm curoius why we would have the beast in Ezekiel yet i more so think of them as angels or a part of the Holy Spirit anyways this is a concern
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