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God and Man


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God and Man

Saturday, March 3, 2018

2:26 PM

There are perhaps 2 species of sorts

One being God a superior species to man

When the Bible mentions Son of man

It is to say common man or mortal being or plain man

Not GOD this is why it is said as much in the bible in Ezekiel son of man is use often

So as to express the differences in the Angels or god driving the wheels the spirit within the wheel. God and Man are two different creatures we are NOT one type exactly

One is superior one inferior

Now with Jesus we have Son of God being creature of the most  high creature.

Many consider Jesus God Also God is with us and in human form.

Which is why Jesus refers also to the Son of man many times and often.

Is Jesus all that Son of man also Son of God also being God in the flesh.

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Jesus being modest i suppose telling us he is son of man

was this false modesty? shouldn't we consider Jesus as MAN kind also

Son of man or common man

rather than God like 

Jesus said this for a reason

he is Son of God Son of Man

the bible explains that Son of God is one that follows God


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