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The Church of the Philosophical Model
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  • PHILOS.005.007
  • PHILOS.005.007

    the OLD BOOK is GONE

    well i still have files from it in noteone 

    not sure what will become of this area

    a review of the old book of nonsense mostly

    a dispute of its contents further perhaps


  • Jesus Saves


    Meeting Jesus

    Saturday, August 25, 2018

    11:30 AM

    It was as if he was alive and real.

    I was 13ish years old and Fell totally in LOVE with GOD

    The Holy spirit came dwelling in me and the love of God

    Flowed through me for about 2 or so years.  Every day all day and night

    I fell sleep with the feeling of great love peace and joy and woke up to it in the morning

    It was I was SAVED!  This happiness was pure joy and love I smiled I looked favorably on all others. I was happy I did love people differently back then. Everyone was equal and loved

    I still understand this love as a intellectual thing now a days. Also I feel it at times though rare

    I do love still today just in a different way. Is it more respect.

    How ever one morning after my drugged/hypnotized  the LOVE was Gone

    And I became BOOK LOST.

    Yet I heard a voice that day that I put my bible down

    I will never leave you.

    This was a first for me.

    A voice half there

    A spirit if you will


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