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    • what they were confirming was i think in  1928 a word scientist came to the same conclusion eailer  
    • does evolution and creationism have to negate each other are they really exclusive to each other? creationism can simply be a accessory to evolution that is coming at any point in any evolution there is no need to negate one or the other. they can reside together at any time.  
    • Grace is GODS LOVE! grace is accepting gifts of the spirit grace is miracles happening grace is faith  
    • it is not my hope to encourage people to use Kenah Bosum or cannabis rather to let Christians of every kind whom need to partake for medical purposes that it is surely not a sin.. that depending on who you ask cannabis is part of scripture just hidden a bit in mis interpret even if you partake for other reasons it in my estimate would never or rarely be classified a sin but that is between you and God not me i use on a regular basis to take away my back pain away and it does work for me.. that is not to say it will work for you in anyway    
    • Kenah bosum Thursday, March 26, 2020 8:56 AM Kenah bosum is not necessary for spiritual development The main most healthy way to spiritual growth is Meditation Prayer and meditation are the keys to achieving a spiritual connection Kenah bosum is not needed as usual Kenah bosum should and could be used for baptism That is not unlike baptism in water we have baptism by fire which can be done once and that is it. You are baptised by fire now. Kenah bosum also as the new wine is used in communion as with incense in the temple. It is the blood of Christ the king. Kenah bosum is the lazy mans way to enlightenment perhaps in 5 BC the Chinese wrote that cannabis promotes insight to the spiritual world after prolonged use. One can connect to the spiritual world via kenah bosum however I would strongly suggest meditation first as a rule try that first. Also meditation combined with kenah bosum might be best. Kenah Bosum in ancient times was banned from use by the common people and only allowed to be used by Priests and kings and prophets. It is a powerful herb not to be taken lightly. It however is not physically addictive. I will never guarentee any results from kenah bosum. It is a mellow passive communion Any use should be at your own risk. My early childhood connection with the spirit world was via heavy meditation not any substance. It might be that meditation and prayer are enhanced perhaps via kenah bosum after one trains the mind in meditation exercise. This is only my feeling and experience. The use of incense (kenah bosum) in the temple goes back as far as Moses perhaps 7 thousand years ago. While its written that incense was used in the temple I am unclear of what function it had really other than to bless the crowd with incense. The bible doesn’t mention kenah bosum directly it’s the Hebrew word for what I feel is cannabis it could be 3 or 4 plants one is cannabis. Words to find in the bible find calamus that is the direct translate for Kenah bosum. Also sweet cane maybe a translate for kehah so its there in the bible you just have to look then after those few words find these words "incense and cloud" see what you think how cannabis might perhaps be used You might think that it all is a far stretch to think kenah bosum is cannabis Perhaps its right or wrong let the individual decide that between him and his God My spirit world is fine with it for the most part that could change.
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