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    • I just had a bit of a spiritual/religious experience vision in that Ezekiel's MAN OZ LION and EAGLE have been with me for a decade or longer now where the man and OX are very similar species. They bow to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the LION and EAGLE bow to Yeshua. This is good news for me, yet mostly the man and OZ remain the same person, with the OX having a unique feature I would rather not talk about. The man is normal, as is the ox is a bit different. These are the most constant ones that have been with me for years while the lion and eagle seem to be coming in groups, not the same ones at times though due to their very unusual nature I might not recognize them even if they were the same persons so to speak it's like trying to tell a dozen black cats apart you see so I am never sure about the lion and eagles if they are the same so for every one of them, I pose the question which my Christian counselor suggested asking them each directly if they bow to Jesus Christ of Nazareth or Yeshua, so they just appeared to me today so I asked that question and got the answer yes the man OX bow to Jesus and the LION EAGLE bow to Yeshua, and so I sense a major difference in them all I trust the man and the OX moreso since they never changed for a dozen years now where the Lion Eagle seem different each time they approach so there is a divide here.. this reminds me of writing about my visions before in my website i would write this i might actually cut and paste it there. it's all in Ezekiel the faces with wings (angels) on the wheel within a wheel I also use to call them angels. Now I refer to the MAN and OX as the holy spirit. They seem to go along with me either way, mostly when I called them angels. Would they be so available now? They seem shyer a bit and in the background just overseeing me. I know this seems rather strange, but its a part of my religious visions or my belief in the spiritual world, yet still I can always tell them from the 3D reality which most of us live.. however, I live in a 7-dimensional world
    • what they were confirming was i think in  1928 a word scientist came to the same conclusion eailer  
    • does evolution and creationism have to negate each other are they really exclusive to each other? creationism can simply be a accessory to evolution that is coming at any point in any evolution there is no need to negate one or the other. they can reside together at any time.  
    • Grace is GODS LOVE! grace is accepting gifts of the spirit grace is miracles happening grace is faith  
    • it is not my hope to encourage people to use Kenah Bosum or cannabis rather to let Christians of every kind whom need to partake for medical purposes that it is surely not a sin.. that depending on who you ask cannabis is part of scripture just hidden a bit in mis interpret even if you partake for other reasons it in my estimate would never or rarely be classified a sin but that is between you and God not me i use on a regular basis to take away my back pain away and it does work for me.. that is not to say it will work for you in anyway    
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