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The Church of the Philosophical Model
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    the OLD BOOK is GONE

    well i still have files from it in noteone 

    not sure what will become of this area

    a review of the old book of nonsense mostly

    a dispute of its contents further perhaps


  • saved at teenage then Narco Hypnotized


    13th 14th 15th year

    Sunday, September 27, 2015

    3:04 PM

    These for absolute certain were the best years of my life.

    The Jesus People Years

    I Met Jesus and was Baptized in the Holy Spirit at a Jesus People Concert

    I was young teen perhaps 13 years old at the time.

    I saw a Poster for a Concert somewhere sponsored by The Jesus People.

    So I went let's say Friday Night or was it the Sabbath day.

    I went in and listened to Jesus Rock and Roll.

    Was a high stage about 3 feet tall on stage.

    In a smaller conference hall

    I stood about 5ft away from the stage listening to the Gospel in music.

    It was just awesome I was happy at that point in life just to hear such grand music.

    Maybe half an hour went by as the music played then Linda Meisner came on stage and spoke.

    I was mesmerized by your speech Linda well your ministering was much more like it.

    It was the TRUTH and nothing less. You spoke of a new way of getting back to the roots of Christianity

    A new meaning of the bible not stale like was found in many churches.

    I was so into all you were saying amazed at the talk of Jesus.

    Then you welcomed all of us with your gracious spirit to have Jesus come into our life.

    To welcome him with The Holy Spirit and with fire.

    To be baptized with the Holy Spirit. To say this prayer with you and I did down to the bone of my heart I did accept Jesus as personal savior and let him come into my heart.

    Then also to be baptized of the Holy Spirit. I was suddenly filled with joy perfect love and harmony.

    They were with me.

    Both and all.

    I went for about 2 and a half  years with waking up to this every morning and living it.

    The most joy one could think of having filled with peace.

    I read my Bible every day and continued to meditation as I had for a few years prior.

    I was perhaps 11 or 12 when I started meditating.

    I had the Truth and sold the Truth.

    The Truth was the Jesus People newspaper in which one would find articles such as the one referring to Ezekiel being the book of UFO's.

    I read it but mostly I remember that article.

    I would stand after school or during play days and offer up that Jesus Loves You and hand out the paper.

    In money all I ever got was change but at times lots of change it would fill my pocket.

    I remember at the Jesus People coffee shop I would turn in my change and the Clerk would say that I was perhaps the one with the most change.

    I handed out 100s of papers over the next year and half.

    I met up with 2 very good Christians Darrel and Gordon we 3 was best buddies.

    We hung out together and Gordon went with me to the Jesus People coffee shop on Friday nights.

    Up past the time shortly that the Jesus People disbanded and the Children of God took over.

    This was Immediately after I saw Jesus there telling us he is Jesus Christ and to follow him.

    I was so in awe of the man came within less than 5 ft. of him and less than an inch of going with him and actually following him. But Linda pierced his side with thorns of bible scripter that all eyes shall see him coming from the clouds.

    Was Linda thinking more spiritual than practical at the time?

    We all have our flaws but this was Linda's biggest mistake.

    So he left stage right to the outside, there was a door between me and the stage and I had never been back stage I was about 30ft from the door to back stage. I had my eye on it and was saying YES GO and something held me back the thought that that was a private area. I leaned towards the door so far away. And did not go.

    I went home fell asleep woke up opened my Bible and there was the words." he who deny Christ shall be Damned to the Earth".

    I swear I read that yet have yet to find it in the Bible in later years.

    So if Christ was here and he invited you too if your reading this perhaps the same applies.

    Then I had a great Tragedy besides this one.

    Yes I have my own great tragedy.

    Where the Spirit of the Lord left me.

    Or I felt this way I told Gordon he said no you left God.

    Either way something happened I put down my Bible and walked away

    In the dessert for nearly 20 years.

    Without my Bible just remembering it all.

    It was just like Hell on Earth some years.

    Very bad down time for me no joy at all.

    Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll was my lifestyle.

    Most Hippies came from this lifestyle I was just introduced to it after my Jesus People Years.

    Thought I had Long been into Rock and Roll for many years maybe as early as 11 years old I loved Rock and Roll.

    At age 35 about I got my Bible back and was very slow reading it.

    I read Revelation mostly.

    And some of Exodus.

    Took me years it seemed to read those books.

    Then at 45 more and more reading.

    What was it 4 more or less that I really been reading my Bible and praying Meditation again.

    I asked Jesus in a prayer that someone in the family would win the lotto and take care of mom.

    Well to many that just happened to my whole family we stuck oil.

    I write the Book of Nonsense many days then not very many days I go without weeks at a time writing or not writing.

    Maybe it's to see if I remember any of it or just the best parts.

    I do remember the best parts

    It was as a Unitarian that I was introduced to writing your own Theology.

    What an idea what a plan.

    So this is what I am working on.

    At first it was a lot of Heck to write about the pagan side of me.

    Came out. Angel or Devil I had to ask every time over and over back and forth between good and evil.

    It's been a slow effort to recognize the true Angels and still the Apostate comes in the picture at times.

    But this is getting very or more clear.

    I will come to many sceptics and naysayers perhaps with my Philosophy Theology or Real Bible understanding as would perhaps a martyr could at times.

    Jesus said blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Mathew 5:10

    I was persecuted for Jesus.

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