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The Church of the Philosophical Model
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    the OLD BOOK is GONE

    well i still have files from it in noteone 

    not sure what will become of this area

    a review of the old book of nonsense mostly

    a dispute of its contents further perhaps


  • The Book Of Nonsense


    i not sure if i should continue the book of nonsense it was complete perhaps its over on to the next book


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    the book was about 5 years of nonsense writing what ever came to mind or about half of that there of.

    it was interesting very reveling i had fun with it i have most of it in my notes on computer

    i might put a few of those on here


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    or not it was a time and place gone now... or for those of you whom copied IT i love you most

    the old book of nonsense was just that in part one could make sense of the nonsense perhaps

    yet was silly in parts major free ideas

    no holds barred


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