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The Church of the Philosophical Model
  • NOTEs from the OXEN alone sent to MOSES the ALIEN to her the 90ddess


    nothing better morals than these forget the rest this is NOT of MAN of 900dDess/90dD












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  • The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost via the HOLY SPIRIT in prayer and meditation ARE the QUAD of GOD!
    Thus saith the lordess the OXEN

  • todays KINGLIKE
    as seen on TV the Total Bullchits Network TBN
    july 16 2023
    joyce highers
    andrew wojoe
    robbert jeffersneeze
    joey prance
    david Jerry pie hole
    BILLY the kidd Graham white cracker
    list produced by the 9enius of
    the anti antichrist
  • REDACTION is repentance

    when i fade away and radiate

    please TAKE THIS ALL off line

    or remove it slowly

    delete it one word at a time


    unless i am here to edit it

    when i pass the gass of this 3D world for the 2.9 D world

    take this with me

    never ADD TO THIS with out me around to edit and judge


    WILL this be done?
    thanks XYZ

    donna kair peach meek

    MK donald

    donald meek


Genius People Commune

  • The the nearly double QUAD of GOD is really  Seven Deities in a seven-dimensional world that is XYZT2M2 of spacetimematter, and they are A1-7th>The FATHER creator of the UNIVERSE in heaven 17. B2-6th>The SON is the son of man (common man) and the son of God in heaven 26 (we are all sons of God) C3-5th>The HOLY Spirit, The Living Water, The Universal Mind, the fabric of spacetimematter, the Monotheistic ONE GOD, ONE MIND ONE BODY in heaven 35 of nature Genderless, the vehicle of which all prayer and meditations on the band of Theta Brain waves (God Vibe 5 to 8 cycles per second) are had. QUAD4>Then the HOLY GHOST, which is the Angels of Ezekiel. Who is the US and OUR of GOD and are responsible for HUMAN creation on earth, as is 4th>The MAN, Just like us humans, 3rd>the OXEN superhuman God to the right of man, then 2nd>the LION, a more unusual UFO gra(Y)ven image, features a GOD and the Eagle, the oddest creature ever somewhat mysterious its rare to even seen by humans somewhat alien if that's a-ok word to call 1rst>the Eagle which is the Warrior Species of GOD


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  • ANCIENT wisdom

    Old Testament there are gods/(goddettes) of HUMAN

    New Testament there are Lords/(lordettes) of Humans

    Modern Wisdom

    Continue with gods and godettes also Lords and Lordettes

    add KINGS and QUEENS also Politicians leaders philosophical models and the like

    musicians artists scientists (Einstein)



    your smartest buddy



The GENIUS People Commune

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