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  2. thank you Jesus for saving my soul more than 50 years ago today while i was in the desert on a horse with no name for 30 years and a other 10 being harder than heck i finally got my bible back after a struggle with the devil himself Satan no less i upchucked a demon or 2 i am sure flee from me demon and landed with the Holy Spirit also MAN OX LION and EAGLE are with me i am not sure how to approach them at times are they in fact the Holy Spirit? i think so SO i have God the Father Jesus Christ the Son the MAN (kind) of the Holy Spirit which comes as a angel in form a woman and the MAN OX LION and EAGLE of the Holy Ghost the Eagle is purely for mediation the Eagle rules over that area the OX and the LION are separate forms of life also being different yet in cranial area they match somewhat the eyes have it with the LION and the OX then the MAN which represents MANKIND so with both effeminate and emasculate angels this duel MAN of man and woman make for 5 parts of the HOLY SPIRIT along with the OX LION and EAGLE for a running total of SEVEN deities whom exist in parts of the seven dimensions how they show themselves to me is in rather vision type thing not unlike my visualizing art and having visions of art and science PREVISUAL i have been haunted since age 15yo one difference I am on Gods side now for about 30 years i might not have been not sure what went on there i feel when i got my bible back a angel came to call then a another and another i was packed with 2 or 3 angels at a time or more at times 7 angels come to call all inline with what my Bible says its curious i have visions of the Alternate beings i was a amazing journey i wrote lots about it every day in my journal and shared it online it was powerful thanks to JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT and GOD the FATHER as well as MAN OX LION and EAGLE the seven thank you for being there for me
  3. ok it might been a week or month not sure it was some time not long give it a month i stopped reading my bible in a dramatic fashiion eventually stopped reading totally was that all service? i am thinking so i was young sure you would have to be there live through it
  4. Remembering that I heard JESUS say "I will never leave you" the day after my deprogramming when I put down my bible and the joy left me
  5. love love loves Jesus..... when I was 13 Jesus was my first true love.. in Revelations it says and you lost your first love. that is so true. JESUS loves you remember saying that to every other person catching the bus home with the TRUTH paper in hand 100s of Jr High Students got the TRUTH I only recall one article from the TRUTH about Ezekiel. what a grand time none better time anywhere. that was the most awesome LOVE and peace anyone could ever imagine. who was behind it all. the deprogramming that I rarely think about much yet it happens. yes from great highs to great lows my life took the turns and twists of a fine drama it's really a Shakesphere play drama. life death all that so anyways
  6. Together bringing Religion Science and Art, piecing it all as one dating back 3450 years of writing up Today let's include philosophy theology but more so than all including how the Bible relates to all these.


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