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  1. The Jesus People Monday, August 7, 2017 11:28 AM I was just merely 13 years old when I saw a poster for a Free Concert in big print and Jesus people in small print. What a nice way to get us teens to go to a concert I mean this could be our first concert. So I went and there was a Christian Rock band the music was grand loud and the message was interesting love peace harmony etc.. After a while Linda Meinser got on stage and talked for about a half hour or so. Talk of true peace with Jesus. LOVE etc. I gave my heart to Jesus and accepted the Holy Spirit also in my life I was in
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    i recently heard carbon dating is only good for the last 12K years so lets wonder if a skull burried 20K years ago and the Ozone layer was such that a larger mass particle of carbon 14 got through the atmosphere with mass enough to in our time carbon date only 2k years ago its is possible that carbon dating relies on the ozone to a great degree that the two are tied together where I believe much older pieces can be seen as more modern depending on time period there is also possible that shorter time frames are possible when trying to date something 1000k years ago we would be pressed to u
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    The Hand of God

    the astral body The Hand of God
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