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Sunday, May 13, 2018

7:37 PM

What if the holy ghost or holy spirit was the local version of god

That is they reside with us in this universe or galaxy

What if they drove ufos as angels would

What if the holy spirit is the creator of EVE

I find it possible

Jesus tells of the least shall be the greater.

Is the holy spirit always given a lessor place?

Is the Holy Spirit Greatest or greater?

We have such little about the holy spirit or holy ghost

Jesus baptize with fire and the holy ghost.

It is thought that the holy spirit or holy ghost is a spirit only

It would seem this way

Yet is the holy spirit and holy ghost real living creatures to this day?

Ones that could visit us at anytime

The lessor is greater think about it

Did the Holy Ghost seed our planet with god like creatures?

Did we evolve from this species of man


The species!

In our image

In our likeness


The Species

We are evolved from God like creature

This is the mass gap tween the industrial man and the nearest animals

While animals are very intelligence they are lacking some gene of construction

We are the most constructive animal known

We are of the gods

The US and OUR in God

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