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Man lion Oxen Eagle

Monday, July 16, 2018

6:14 PM

Ezekiel 1:10

As for the likeness of their faces

They four had the face of a man

And the face of a lion on the right side

And They four had the face of a ox on the left side

They four also had the face of a eagle


This is what is on the wheel within a wheel

The four man body figures with different faces

Each has four wings


Is this the nature of the holy spirit?

The MAN the LION the OX and the EAGLE
is this the quad of GOD?

Hold on brotheren cause more is on its way

Or is it just the God that created us as humans?


I prefer to understand them all as the holy spirit

It can come in any of these forms

Holy Spirit is considered Under God or as God even with God or even God themselves

With JESUS CHRIST the king being in-between OX LION EAGLE

JESUS is the MAN

And what we call GOD the father

Notice how the Holy spirit is nearly considered lessor in our regular prayers

Father son and holy spirit always last

Didn’t Jesus tell us the lessor is the greater? In so many words

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Jesus the man

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

12:44 PM

I was skeptical of the angel of Jesus that I might have found in the bible in luke 2:21

How ever the MAN in Ezekiel of the man ox lion eagle.

Is the Jesus was named OF a angel in Luke

And this MAN is perhaps that angel of Jesus I sought after

The familiar spirit was not him

Is there a stairway to heaven so to speak?

With the EAGLE at the bottom

The OX following close behind on the left

Then comes the rightwing Lion

finally THE MAN which is the holy spirit

Then Jesus of nazereth comes next

With finally God the Father


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perhaps at times the man is the human part of the holy spirit

they are sided left  Eagle Ox then right Lion and man

a very specific man not Jesus yet the holy spirit

very interesting. this would make 4 figures in the holy spirit alone

then the 2 Jesus and God the father making total of 6

on the sixth day God created man

mark of the beast 6-40-6

what else can we conclude if any

were the eagle the most to the left and the furthest from humanity 

the OX on the left has similar appearance as the Lion does leaving the man farthest right

eagle and ox related

ox and lion related

lion and man related





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  • 3 months later...

i would love to include all four as the holy spirit Man lion ox and eagle

yet perhaps just the MAN is the holy spirit

the rest it seems could be the beast

yes the trinity and the beast

or really the way i thought about this is the trinity and 4 angels

yet more so its working out to be the trinity and the beast

the beast being the OX LION and EAGLE


curoius why we would have the beast in Ezekiel yet i more so think of them as angels

or a part of the Holy Spirit

anyways this is  a concern


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i just love thinking ONLY as the MAN OX LION and Eagle as ANGELS ONLY 

there fore we have the Trinity and 4 angels

i mean they are Associates of the WHEELs the UFO or angels flying up in heavens

think about that?

so ok these are the ANGEL yet the ANGELS that are included in the original US and OUR in Genesis the US as gods is what they are

thats gods with the small letter not God

so this is or could be considered very pagan that we have angels representing gods or US and OUR 

in that they are the US and OUR we are related to this species of creation

which in my opinion represent our beginnings as mankind as we know it

the angels our DNA was meshed with or tweeked

and who knows the amount of times these angels performed such miracles on animals or plants

on our planet

was it just the once in genesis?



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I just had a bit of a spiritual/religious experience vision in that Ezekiel's MAN OZ LION and EAGLE have been with me for a decade or longer now where the man and OX are very similar species. They bow to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the LION and EAGLE bow to Yeshua. This is good news for me, yet mostly the man and OZ remain the same person, with the OX having a unique feature I would rather not talk about. The man is normal, as is the ox is a bit different. These are the most constant ones that have been with me for years while the lion and eagle seem to be coming in groups, not the same ones at times though due to their very unusual nature I might not recognize them even if they were the same persons so to speak it's like trying to tell a dozen black cats apart you see so I am never sure about the lion and eagles if they are the same so for every one of them, I pose the question which my Christian counselor suggested asking them each directly if they bow to Jesus Christ of Nazareth or Yeshua, so they just appeared to me today so I asked that question and got the answer yes the man OX bow to Jesus and the LION EAGLE bow to Yeshua, and so I sense a major difference in them all I trust the man and the OX moreso since they never changed for a dozen years now where the Lion Eagle seem different each time they approach so there is a divide here.. this reminds me of writing about my visions before in my website i would write this i might actually cut and paste it there. it's all in Ezekiel the faces with wings (angels) on the wheel within a wheel

I also use to call them angels. Now I refer to the MAN and OX as the holy spirit. They seem to go along with me either way, mostly when I called them angels. Would they be so available now? They seem shyer a bit and in the background just overseeing me. I know this seems rather strange, but its a part of my religious visions or my belief in the spiritual world, yet still I can always tell them from the 3D reality which most of us live.. however, I live in a 7-dimensional world
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