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Sunday, August 27, 2017

2:10 PM

I have wondered if the Cross we use as a symbol of our faith

Is here to show us never to repeat this crime of the state.

It fits well with religious freedoms

Let it be

Yet we are saved by his life according to Paul.

Not his death

I think

Yet I have to read more. So far I think his death a shame

A Roman crime yet we are saved by his life.

His resurrection was very important this is where he found Paul and chose him

Yet was his shed blood not unlike that of the LAMB for the remission of sins?

It was due to the SIN of ROME that Jesus was crucified.

I gather the Jews had something to do with it also.

This is the sin that Jesus died for.


And God forgave Rome and the Jews

Since it inevitable at that time and place

Yet in modern times we must wonder if we would sin the same way and crucify him all over again.

Is it in our person to do so?

To nonbelief

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