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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

10:08 AM

Welcome to Ezekiel's Wheel where we will discuss the probability of a God that would drive a UFO

Not of this world

Where a god, notice with a small g, is a Type of Being.

Where large craniums exist

Where god is a real Species of near man like personage

A Monotheist single type species of God.

Where a god like creature an ANGEL could come visit us here on planet earth

Where UFO's are real space craft from an other solar system far away.

god is a Highly advanced in many ways science arts culture social.

Even our science today would mostly be a starting point for God

A simple way of looking at it for God.

Some of it may be an abomination

What we highly regard

Our science isn't perfect it is merely the best we can do as humans with what instruments we have to work with.

God is still superior in many ways to us.

Though we have traveled far we are still only at the start.

So welcome you here to Ezekiel's Wheel I hope you enjoy and find refreshing our approach to the Bible.

Here we may quote any and all books of the Bible not just limited to Ezekiel in hopes of understanding the nature of God a bit more.

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Angels drive UFO's

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

9:16 AM

I was out not that long ago couple years or so ago and found a mainstream Christian news paper with a cover story where are the UFOS it basically stated that angels drive ufos in the heavens

We are told this is where angels live. This is how angels get here.

This is not the first article about UFO's the TRUTH paper I use to hand out for the Jesus People had an article about Ezekiel and how it seems like ufos this was way back early 71ish.

Claiming that Ezekiel saw UFO in his dream. He was a prophet we should trust Ezekiel.

This was written about 500 BC. Or about 2500 years ago.

Do angels drive UFOS and do Gods work? Such as creating EVEs and finding parts for the new universe.

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