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Thursday, August 10, 2017

8:45 PM

I have felt grace I know what that feels like it is the most amazing love one can get.

Then they stole that away from me.

I am most upset that I had to go through that.

But that’s life nothing is ever too easy

Perhaps it leads to today where I know what I know feel what I feel.

I did survive it all but the pain and suffering from it is great perhaps

My condition up to this day might be explained by such an event

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Mathew 9:17

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

10:22 AM


The new wine is so vastly different from the old wine.

Is one fire one water based?

The new wine breaks the old wine bottle or flask or leather pouch

Wouldn’t fire do this?

Is one fire based is why?

Is the new WINE the same Keneh Bosem that Moses used as Holy Oil.

The Vine of the Wine that gets promoted above the tree?


And John Says that Jesus came to baptize with Fire and the Holy Ghost.

If we know that St John Baptist with water and we believe its water the what fire was Jesus baptize us with? What was Jesus burning? Again perhaps same said Mose Holy Oil Keneh Bosem

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The Coptic religion started in Egypt by Saint John, was the first organised Christian religion. 

it was John that said Jesus baptize with Fire so do the Ethiopian Coptics in form of Keneh Bosem or cannabis in the new age.

they use it as incense in the temple which Jesus himself may very well have done.



whlie they share a name and pehaps also understandings the eithiopian COPTICS are not really related to the Egyptian coptics




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along life path i was loving the Unitarians think yes that any effort to understand God must be good?

i still think that way alot

i think that religions need to be relished and nourished.

Yet also understand the Old testament does speak of False Gods at times there so one must be aware of that.

Jesus was careful to warn the pagans of not worshiping IDols

so how can i fit in here.

one might ask which is it?

well since there are more than enough religions and more than enough denomitanions

i do think we all need to get along

i don't think that arguing who is right gets much of us anywhere

lets assume and assert God is great greater than all of us

how many ways and religions are after the same thing?

to understand God

cant we appreciate that common ground?

we may disagree completely at times yet let us not get in a war over it

lets kiss and make up we are all human and flawed 

we in Christianity are here to LOVE our neighbor and i think that religions are neighbors

we need to get along and love each other



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at age 13ish i was SAVED and grace filled my heart with peace, joy, and love.

it was the greatest feeling ever like a first and strongest love one could have

Jesus was my first love.

i was totally in love with God.

the old testament 3 simple words God is LOVE.

this was a major emotional experience for me.

at age 15ish i was narco hypnotized and motivated away from my bible and practice

at about age 35ish i got my bible back finally so 20 years in the desert of sorts

at about age 53 i began to wonder what went on in my life 

also i was going through a spiritual awakening again

where i was pitted against a demon it seemed

and from that i began to understand that i was deprogramed as a kid and that had perhaps much to do with my dumping my bible and practice

i have only been on this case for about 10 years now and only in the last year have i seen evidence of it being related to the government.

this whole thing is a challenge and some will insist its some how my fault or that it didn't happen






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