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My Jesus People Moment


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The Jesus People

Monday, August 7, 2017

11:28 AM

I was just merely 13 years old when I saw a poster for a Free Concert in big print and Jesus people in small print. What a nice way to get us teens to go to a concert I mean this could be our first concert. So I went and there was a Christian Rock band the music was grand loud and the message was interesting love peace harmony etc.. After a while Linda Meinser got on stage and  talked for about a half hour or so. Talk of true peace with Jesus. LOVE etc. I gave my heart to Jesus and accepted the Holy Spirit also in my life I was instantly filled with LOVE yes Gods love flowed through me it was a miracle. Anyways for 2 or so years I was with the group I would hand out the TRUTH which was the paper they put out. I only remember reading one article in the paper ever that was about Ezekiel and the wheel within a wheel that turns not as it goes that moves the speed of lightning that carry's Ezekiel away to a other city and had a spirit within the wheel. So reading Ezekiel I find that the wheels may represent UFO's . You may have to do some research on UFO's  if you haven't already. This was the beginning and the end of the Jesus people here in Seattle. The Jesus People coffee shop was granted over to another religious organization the Children of God. I ran screaming away then shortly around that same time at about age 15 I was Deprogramed which in the late 60s was the thing to do. It was nearly common yet my deprograming involved sodium pentothal and some power of suggestion while under the influence. I within a few days after that dramatically put down my Bible and didn’t read it for many years to come.

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Meeting Jesus

Saturday, August 25, 2018

11:30 AM

It was as if he was alive and real.

I was 13ish years old and Fell totally in LOVE with GOD

The Holy spirit came dwelling in me and the love of God

Flowed through me for about 2 or so years.  Every day all day and night

I fell sleep with the feeling of great love peace and joy and woke up to it in the morning

It was I was SAVED!  This happiness was pure joy and love I smiled I looked favorably on all others. I was happy I did love people differently back then. Everyone was equal and loved

I still understand this love as a intellectual thing now a days. Also I feel it at times though rare

I do love still today just in a different way. Is it more respect.

How ever one morning after my deprograming the LOVE was Gone

And I became BOOK LOST.

Yet I heard a voice that day that I put my bible down

"I will never leave you."

This was a first for me.

A voice half there

A spirit if you will


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